Depression is not just the absence of joy; depression is the absence of self.

Teenage Bullying Triples The Risk of Depression in Adulthood


depression bullying link

Being the victim of frequent teenage bullying triples the risk of depression in young adults, a new study has found.

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5 Things Dogs Can Teach Us About Mental Health


Studies have shown that dogs have an intellect equivalent to that of a human toddler, but there are many things our canine friends can teach us when it comes to emotions. While we humans struggle to maintain relationships, get sufficient exercise, express our feelings and practice mindfulness and gratitude, dogs accomplish all of this effortlessly. Here are five things dogs can teach us about mental health.

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The 25 Best Mental Health Twitter Feeds to Follow


25 Best Mental Health Twitter Feeds

The internet is a great source of information—and misinformation—about mental health. As social media continues to rise in popularity as a source of news and social interaction, many people are turning to Twitter for support with mental health issues. But with so much noise in the Twittersphere, who are the voices are worth listening to?

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What’s It Like To Live With Permanent Amnesia? The Effects of ECT



This is a guest post by Annie Watkinson, who underwent a course of ECT, formerly known as electroshock therapy, for severe depression. Watkinson, a former mental health nurse, describes the unexpected effects of ECT, including the permanent loss of years of autobiographical memory.

In November 2005, my consultant suggested that I try a course of ECT for a particularly tough bout of depression. I was struggling to hold down my job (I was a mental health nurse) and she felt it would be the quickest, most efficient form of treatment. I was assured that ECT was the treatment of choice for doctors suffering with severe depression, as it enabled them to get back to work quickly. So I agreed.

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Air India’s Sham Mental Health Tests Won’t Stop Another Germanwings

Air India

An Air India plane. Image credit: Sreenath Y (own work) under creative commons license, via Wikimedia Commons

In the aftermath of the Germanwings disaster, in which depressed co-pilot Andreas Lubitz killed himself and 149 people by deliberately crashing a plane into the French Alps, Air India has introduced mental health evaluations for pilots.

Depending on which media reports you believe, the airline rejected either 40 out of 160 or 56 out of 160 candidates based on feedback from psychologists, leaving it well short of its goal of filling 197 pilot vacancies. Since the results were announced, some of the rejected candidates have criticised the process as flawed and unscientific, telling journalists that the so-called mental health evaluation consisted of a 10-minute conversation.

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Mental Health (Scotland) Bill “A Diminution of Patient Rights”

Dr Richard Simpson

Scottish Labour MSP Dr Richard Simpson (centre) criticised the original Mental Health (Scotland) Bill as being “a diminution of patient rights.”

Scottish politicians today debated a bill that has come under fire for reducing the rights of mental health patients for “administrative convenience.”

During today’s debate, Dr Richard Simpson, Scottish Labour MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, said the original draft of the Mental Health (Scotland) Bill was “to a very great extent, a diminution of patent rights.”

Many controversial provisions of the bill, which would update the 2003 Mental Health Care and Treatment (Scotland) Act, were modified today. But some of the concerns raised in a briefing by The Mental Welfare Commission For Scotland were not addressed.

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Would You Take Ketamine For Depression? (Poll)



Ketamine is commonly used as an animal tranquiliser and has been associated with several high-profile deaths when illegally taken as a recreational drug, but some psychiatrists now claim it shows promise as a solution for treatment-resistant depression.

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10 Horrifying Facts About Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Jack Nicholson as a psychiatric patient who receives ECT in the 1975 film One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Today is International Day of Protest Against Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). Formerly known as electroshock therapy, ECT is a barbaric and dehumanising psychiatric “treatment” for mental health disorders including bipolar disorder, major depression, catatonia and mania. It involves deliberately administering electric shocks to the brain to induce seizures and kill targeted brain tissue in order to make patients docile. Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin describes ECT as being similar to a lobotomy: “Both assaults on the highest centres of the brain, one with scalpels and hot electrodes, the other with searing jolts of electricity.”

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Bullying At A 10-Year Low In US Schools


Whispering teenagers

Bullying in US schools has declined to a 10-year low, according to a government survey, with 22 percent of students now reporting that they are victims.

The data, from a report by the US Department of Education, represents a 6 to 10 percent drop from previous years. Since the agency began collecting the data in 2005, the proportion of students reporting they are victims of bullying has hovered between 28 and 32 percent.

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